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Crown ring

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This reticulated and oxidized silver ring is decorated with an emerald oval cabochon and a geometric rosecut Garnet, both set in 22k gold, with a small hidden raw diamond fused on the side inside a gold nugget 💛
As human beings, we always have a certain curiosity to explore beyond what we already know, and to challenge ourselves with new ideas. Due to the free time that we usually don't have, we've been exploring different techniques to bring new textures to our pieces. So here we are, trying our hands at reticulation, which in summary is a repeated firing process, forming organic patterns on the metal. We couldn't be more excited with the results!
This is the first ring from this reticulated series, each one of course one-of-a-kind and can't be replicated. The size of this ring is 8 (US) or 57 (European size)
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